What's All This New Piss?

by Yawn Mower

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Engineered by Pat Noon @ Eight Sixteen
Mastered by Alan Douches @ West West Side
Photo by Michael Burke
Layout by Michael Loupos


released March 11, 2017

Trumpets on Paddle Out by Dan Melius
Guitar on Shed Is Old by Chris McKeon


all rights reserved



Yawn Mower Asbury Park, New Jersey

Upcoming Shows-

5/5- Chubby Pickle, Highlands, NJ
6/10- Wonderbar, Asbury Park, NJ
7/13- The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ
9/21- John & Peter’s, New Hop, PA


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Track Name: Preacher Says So
These days, they're such a dud.
The desert wind, it ain’t much fun.
The sand hurts. It hits my face.
This heat just don’t wanna fade
It’s never gonna rain again, Preacher says so!
You better pray for a rainy day.
Rattlesnakes about to snap.
Fertile land is full of cracks.
The dust bowl is kickin’ up clouds
and I’ve gotta cover my mouth
Casting over a dry riverbed but the fish are dead.
These days are long and strange.
The sun rises all look the same.
Track Name: Here We Go Again
Everybody’s got something to say. Here we go again
Socially we knock each other down.
Cry at home while all your friends are out.
Until you save the day, I’ll walk in circles around this space.
When you wish upon a star it fades.
Wishes never come true anyway.
Here we go again. Everybody wants to have their day.
Late nights on the weekends knock me out.
All day Saturday I’m on the couch.
Everyone should try to act their best. Here we go again
Who is it? What is it? Where is it? God damn it!
Track Name: Paddle Out
When you use the gas in your stove, you get a bill to pay.
When your mayor does something right, let him know she’s doing okay.
When the ocean floods out your coast, you volunteer your day.
When you draw a line in the sand -- Get ready, bombs away.
Every day we paddle out. Get in the ring for another round.
When you leave your house early enough, you hit traffic on the parkway
Guaranteed if you worked this year, you pay taxes on a Friday.
Leaders making me paranoid; The forecast is grey
I think I need to get away from it all, so book yourself a holiday.
Track Name: When Do We Get To Cash In?
The dog is screaming barking at the squirrel
The squirrel is running climbing up a tree
The tree is rooted planted in the soil
The soil holds on to seed and rock
The car is driving flying down the road
The road is paved with diamonds dirt and gold
The gold is sitting waiting in the bank
The bank is guarded with guns and tanks
If you’re okay, then I’m fine too
The status quo will be our glue
If you’re alive, then I’m dead too
When we’re all gone the earth sighs “phew”
When do we get to cash in?
Track Name: Shed Is Old
Drivin’ around, where was I? Up north, out west.
Down a road paved barely stood a house to my left
On a lot 100 x 100. In the back, a little shed.
The shed was old, that shit was leanin’
But was it termites or maybe lead?
Maybe she only needs a little elbow grease
A couple nails to stop the floors from yelling “creak”
Shed is old, Shit is leanin’
(Second verse, different from the first)
Drivin’ around, where was I? Down South, Middle East.
Another road paved badly stood a house almost deceased
The lot was small 50x50. In the back, a little shed.
The shed was old, that shit was leanin’
But was it termites or neglect?
Maybe she only needs a couple hundred grand
Or swing a wrecking ball and knock her off the land

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